Day-4 Of 1st Ind-Aus Test: Die-Hard Indian Fan Refuses To Leave The Stadium, Hoping To Resume Play And See India Win.

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Cricket is Religion in India. We know have acknowledged it over the years and somewhere deep in our hearts, we want cricket to remain so. Whenever our cricket team loses a match, we also lose our cool. We either pick up a fight with anyone on the street following India’s defeat or violently shame in front of the cricketer’s house. Such behavior in Indian society has only gotten stronger. Here is the very latest incident of yet an Indian fan which supports the above argument.

Soon after India’s crushing defeat on the third day itself of a five-day Test match against Australia, a die-hard Indian fan willingly turned up to the stadium hoping for Day-4 play to begin and subsequently seeing India win the match.


Despite a stern warning from the gatekeeper of the Pune stadium, the man sat all day in the stands hoping for the play to begin. The ground staffs tried to explain to him that India had already lost the five-day test match in merely three days and hence there was no scope for the play to begin on the fourth day. But the man huffed past the ground staff and took his seat in the stands of Pune cricket stadium.


Standing alone in the stadium, the man waived Indian flag high, much like his contemporary Sudhir who is known to be Sachin Tendulkar’s biggest fan. The man kept cheering loud for India in the empty stadium. Seeing all his madness from the pavilion, Uday Chopra turned up to him and sympathized with the man. Mr. Chopra wished that he had got such a fan following during his acting days following which he would have been an established Bollywood star by now.


The Pune police later closed the chapter by giving off a warning to the man for his silly behavior. Before the police could catch hold of Uday Chopra for causing atrocity by his poor acting skills, he had already fled the scene on his Dhoom bike.


Both Indian and Australian Team had already left the city of Pune and reached Bengaluru where the second test is scheduled to be played between the teams. Reports are coming in which suggests that Vijay Mallya who is in London hiding from Indian authorities, has used his influence which may help India win this second Test match. He has reportedly accepted to provide an unlimited supply of Kingfisher beer to the Australian dressing room during match hours as well as post match hours. This will keep the Australians intoxicated throughout their stay in Bengaluru which might be beneficial for the Indian team.


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