With universal access to the digital world , can we download food ?

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With all the growing trends and the solely big aspect about building a new digital world , where did the promises given to the farmers vanish ? With Modi everything has been highly technical and trendy . He strives hard to give India a high tech background building new promises to the world of alliance bridging the gap between the globally covered resources, tieing up knots with the world’s greatest leaders , and dreaming of a Digital India by 2020. So, by this new digital dream of giving India universal access to the internet world, giving the power to reach every corner of the world , can we reach our food giving farmers by then ?

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Modi has constantly shown his interests in developing the original indian ideas and has been encouraging the Indian world renowned stakeholders to invest more in India. Well our primarily original stakeholders are our farmers without whom we cannot live within the next few decades.

The government had shown its interests by introducing various schemes that would certainly help our farmers to lead for the next few years. With Modi’s Nation wide farm insurance scheme which would protect farmers for the inputs they have put in ,to recover the share, a pretty surprising note was raised by RBI that the share of agriculture has been going down sharply to 17 – 18 % and that it may further go down to 10% few months back. Thus with two massive controversial contradictory issues, it is the poor farmers who are trying to bridge the gap.

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Modi with his strong technical support has been campaigning and have been declaring all his commitments to farmers in the public forums. But the government have always been against his acts. The NDA had a unhappy note for the farmers in November 2014 with the fall of cotton and paddy prices at their lowest and there was nothing that India could do with China’s release of reserved crops and Iran’s rice import . Arguably the issue couldn’t be resolves over the year!


With the most adequate and original source of income for the country , there is nothing left to the farmers from the government. There has always  been an increase count in the number of suicidal news in farmers count and nothing tedious could resolve the issue .
When the  advancement in technology has vastly improved that we can do anything with the world of data , could food be downloaded ?


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