Engineering Student Plants Marijuana In Hostel Garden To Cut Expense On Drug Abuse.

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In a mad rush to cut expense on his leisure activities, a third year engineering student has come up with an innovative solution to tackle with his personal financial crisis which he has been facing ever since he started drug abuse. The accused student has reportedly planted Marijuana in his hostel garden to save on cost and it literally went unnoticed until the plant grew bigger.


Much has been talked about the challenges faced by young students while pursuing under graduation degree in engineering colleges. They get lured to drug abuse very easily in order to cope up with the lengthy assignments. In addition to all these, peer group pressure to get hooked up with girls, especially from computer science department takes a toll on every engineering boy’s budget. With a trend of declining monthly pocket fee from his parents, the accused second year engineering student in a desperate attempt looked to make serious cuts in his expenditure.


The plan was simple. The boy planted Marijuana seeds in his hostel garden towards the end of his second year of college. The matter went unnoticed until the Marijuana plant grew bigger and begun to yield the desired product. Soon the hostel warden called for an inquiry and the accused along with his friends were detained by the college authorities.


The college authority also seized an exotic variety of smoking weed and few liquor bottles from the hostel room. Investigation is on to find similar cases of drug abuse in the entire hostel. The foremost priority of the other hostel students is to hide as much substance possible in order to avoid shame and expulsion. Under the instructions of Hostel Warden, the shadow wing consisting mostly of first-year students has launched search and seize operation in order to please the college authorities to get better incentives.


Mind The News team interviewed the accused hostel mates. They were in full sympathy for their friend and also accused the college authority of tyranny rules. One of the friends of accused said, “My friend not only tried to cut his expense but also made our life simple by planting Marijuana. We were having a fun time by enjoying our home grown Marijuana at literally no cost until the hostel warden decided to seize it up”. The hostel students committee has called for a strike tomorrow by not attending the class lectures and is also expected to place the demand to release their friend and make the planting of Marijuana legal in the hostel premise.


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