Most famous TV Actors /Actress Who Made it Big in Bollywood

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Do you think that TV actors can make it big in Bollywood? Well there is a perception that they cannot. However, to prove some people wrong, we would like to elaborate on many such actors who made it big in Bollywood. Many a times, TV actors get typecast in a particular role. And, they really do not get movies because film producers want to work with renowned faces. There are many reasons why film producers do not want to work with TV actors. However, still many actors managed to gain everyone’s attention. We will see some of them and their work.

Vidya Balan

She started her career with the serial Hum panch. And, now Vidya Balan is the number one star of Bollywood. She has made her own way in Bollywood, with powerful acting and natural expressions. Recently, she gave hits like The dirty picture and Kahani. She is here to stay for a long time.


Shah rukh khan

He started his career from the television series circus. Then he did fauji. After doing tv, he paved his way to success in Bollywood. Who does not know king khan, he needs no introduction. Recently he completed 20 years in Bollywood. Kudos to him and his bollywood stint!

shah rukh khan tv to bollywood actor

Ayushman Khurana

He is the newsiest TV actor to join the Bollywood bandwagon. He has excelled in the movie Vicky donor, which is one of the biggest hits of this year. So, what worked for him, well it is his smile and his charm. In TV he used to work as a host and a VJ. He has anchored many reality shows such as India’s  got talent and just dance. Ayushman is spontaneous with his screen presence. He has now demanded Rs 1 crore for an untitled rohan sippy flick.ayushman khurana tv actor to films

Prachi Desai

She has been a known face on TV and Bollywood. She made her acting debut in a serial called kasam se. Then her mentor and good friend EKTA KAPOOR launched her in a movie., she then got to work with one of the finest actor of Bollywood farhan aktar. With rock on and once upon a time in Mumbai, she really made her presence felt. Recently she appeared in the movie bol bachchan opposite Abhishek bachchan. She has many interesting projects on hand. She certainly made it big in Bollywood.


Rajiv khandelwal

Who can forget sujal of kahin toh hoga. His character got immense success and popularity on small screen. He then did a movie called Amir which  made him noticed as a excellent actor. Then he went on to doing certain films, which were off beat but were critically acclaimed at the box office. His last two movies shaitan and soundtrack were also appreciated and he is here to stay as an actor. He is one actor who has proved ‘his worth on TV and films both. All the best to him!

rajeev-khandelwal-kahin toh hoga

Yami Gautam

She is also new to the Bollywood bandwagon. She started her acting career with serials like chand ke paar and pyaar na hoga kam. But, then she did lot of commercials in between. She then got her first break in the movie Vicky donor, which is also a huge hit of the year. She has now given up small screen for doing films. She recently quoted that she is getting some cool film offers and even considering them.


Ram Kapoor

After making his debut on television, Ram kapoor has surely come a long way. He got critical acclaim in the television serial kasam se. After that there was no stopping for him as he went on doing many meaningful films. His latest film udDaan also won many awards.


Amna shariff

After making her TV debut, as kashish, amna shariff got immense popularity. She got many roles to choose from. She made her film debut with the movie aloo chat opposite aftab shivdasani. The movie was not a hit, but still she got noticed. The latest we hear is she is going to make a comeback to small screen.


There are many other TV actors who made big in Bollywood. Some of the big names include, Ronit roy and Rohit roy. Even, Roshni chopra has acted in many movies. Therefore, it is all about choosing the right script and it worked well for all the above stars.

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