New Ambuja Cement TVC with The Great Khali Is The Best to Get the Message Across

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When it comes to the strength, Ambuja Cement wins over even The Great Khali. This is what is shown in the new TVC for Ambuja Cement. The new ad is the best combination of humour and seriousness of the message which the company wants to convey through its tag line.

Watch the TVC video below to know what happens when Ambuja Cement ropes in the former WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, The Great Khali in their ad.

The story line of the Ambuja Cement TV ad which has a tagline ” Giant strength for the Giant.” goes like this –

Everyone wishes a Giant to be born in their neighbour’s house. Dalip Singh’s parents were no different. However, they were blessed with a baby boy, who grew up to be known as non-other than “Khali the Great”.
This is his story of how his strength which gave him fame and recognition, became his biggest problem, till one day his aunt advised him to build his house with Ambuja Cement. Who knows the next Khali may be born in your house.


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