Bakchod Kutta Trolls Idea Internet Network Ad

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You must have watched the Idea Internet network (IIN) TV commercial. Like other idea ads, this one too has been created with an “idea” and was difficult to miss or ignore. The IIN ad shows a boy who failed to get an admission in IIT but makes a talking drone after learning it from internet.

The ad has been so much impressive and inspiring about IIN that even IIT students dropped IIT and instead joined IIN (fake news ofcourse, ;-)).

Bakchod Kutta, a fictional comic character has trolled the IIN ad which is depicted in the below image;


The boy in the ad says, “Idea Internet – Yahan aap kuchh bhi seekh sakte ho”.

Bakchod Kutta in its signature style comments,” Vodafone aur Airtel wale tou jaise sirf porn dikhate hai na”.


If Indian guys get an Idea internet, they would prefer to make a Sunny Leone collections rather than a talking drone. 🙂 True indeed.


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