7 Habits (Funny) of Highly Effective Arnab Goswami that Nation Wants to Know

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Arnab Goswami, chief editor of Times Now is famous (or infamous) for asking too many questions to the panelist on his TV show Newshour. He has often been blamed for not giving enough chance and time to the panelists to answer. Instead, he loves to interrupt them every now and the with further cross questions.

You will be amused to learn 7 habits (Funny) of Arnab Goswami depicted via below memes and pics.

7 Funny Facts About Arnab Goswami That Nation Wants to Know.

Arnab Goswami never answers any one or anything but only questions. When he was in school, in every examination, he used to answer the question by writing 36 questions.


He suffix everything that he asks with his favorite quotation “Nation Wants to Know”. It is said when he was born, he started questioning his doctors asking them to explain how did they pull him out. It was then he used the “Nation Wants to Know” for the first time.


Arnab Goswami is inversely proportional to Manmohan Singh for the fact Manmohan Singh never speaks and Arnab is never silent.


Arnab’s wife has never ever dared to argue with him as she is afraid of losing. So, that makes him the first man on the earth.


As a kid, debate was the most favorite game of Arnab. However, it usually turned out to be him asking questions only and making other kids answering them. It was later known that Rajnikant taught him to ask questions and till date he has not stopped.


When in school, Arnab never raised his hand to answer questions asked by teachers. In fact, his teachers used to raise their hands to ask him a question.


7 nano seconds is the longest time that Arnab allows to any panelist to speak on his show News Hour without his interruption of cross questions.


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