Funny Jokes Videos on Sunny Leone that went Viral on YouTube

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Well, adult film actress and Bigg Boss 5 participant Sunny Leone is now making headlines for jokes on her which went viral on YouTube and even on other web resources and social networking sites. The 30 year old actress has been able to gain immense popularity while her stay in Bigg Boss 5 house. Now, even when Bigg Boss has finished, Sunny Leone continues to make the headlines and this time for a video show hosted by comedian Sumeet Raghavan. The video is an episode of the online show “Jay Hind” and it went viral on YouTube soon after it was posted. Ofcourse this video went viral on YouTube but this is not the only one. There are many more such comedy acts, jokes videos and even mimicry acts on Sunny Leone that are gaining popularity among Sunny Leone fans.

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Sunny Leone Joke Video (Jai Hind Comedy Show) Went Viral on YouTube

Here is the video from the episode of Jai Hind hosted by Sumeet Raghavan that went viral and has been getting lots of hits ever since it was posted on YouTube.

Sunny Leone Joke Video from Episode of Jai Hind

Sunny Leone gets Pregnant – More Funny Jokes Videos

Here are more funny jokes videos on Sunny Leone in much Punjabi style.

Funny Jokes on Sunny Leone Video

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