Funny Tweets Around Barack Obama Quoting DDLJ Dialogue

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USA president Barack Obama’s reference to DDLJ’s famous dialogue has become one the most viral event all over the web. Not only social media, but all the Indian TV news channels have also telecast that special clipping many times within few minutes. Barack Obama spoke the famous DDLJ dialogue “Senorita, bade bade shehron mein…” during his final speech before leaving India back to USA.


One of the tweet mentioned that Obama used a reference from a famous Bollywood movie as Modi had made a reference to a famous Hollywood movie (Star Wars) when he was speaking at Madison Square.

Obama Quoted DDLj Dialogue – SRK Tweets

SRK, obviously was very happy after hearing about DDLJ’s dialogue in Obama’s speech. He did not take much time to show his happiness via a tweet though he didn’t refer to the DDLJ thing directly;

  There have been few funny tweets posted around this;


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