Funny Video On The Stereotypes That A ‘Miyabhai’ Faces

Disclaimer: Articles on this website are fake and a work of fiction and not to be taken as genuine or true. इस साइट के लेख काल्पनिक हैं. इनका मकसद केवल मनोरंजन करना, व्यंग्य करना और सिस्टम पर कटाक्ष करना है नाकि किसी की मानहानि करना.


We all know the pain of being stereotyped as something or the other. They bind you in one image which continues to haunt you for what seems like forever. Some stereotypes, the most common ones, pertain to one’s gender, some to our states, some to our nationality, and how can one forget, some to our religion.

This video by Being Indian tries to describe the stereotypes that ‘Miyabhais’ face in  by their peers. While it may sound fun, it is also something we need to ponder upon and move beyond, not just for this particular one but for all those stereotypes that we have nurtured in ourselves or have been fed to us by others.


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