Gandhi Killed Bhagat Singh to Save His Own Life?

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Well, If Mahatma Gandhi wanted, he could have saved Sardar Bhagat Singh’s life but he didn’t do it as it was a threat to his own  life. Gandhi who always advocated policy of “Non-Violence” was a coward leader and was incapable of fighting any one. That’s reasons he posed his image as the one of non-violence supporter. These shocking facts came to lime light much after Bhagat Singh had been hanged to death.

Meanwhile, it has been proposed by Aam Aadmi Party’s Kejriwal to celebrate martyr’s day of Bhagat Singh i.e. 23rd March as the “Desh Diwas”.

Mahatma Gandhi Let Bhagat Singh Die?

In Chapter fourteen ‘Gandhi’s Truth’ of his book The Trial of Bhagat Singh,A.G. Noorani maintains that Gandhi’s efforts in saving Bhagat Singh’s life were half-hearted because of his failure to make a strenuous appeal to the Viceroy for the commutation of his death sentence to life.bhagat-singh-death-certificate

The original picture of front page of newspaper which published the news of execution of Sardar Bhagat Singh.

To emphasize his indifference to the fate of Bhagat Singh, Noorani writes that Gandhi did not care to see Bhagat Singh when he was on hunger strike in jail.Bhagat_Singh-execution-news

Take a look at some of the original hand written letters and poems by Bhagat Singh and also about how Inquilab Zindabad slogan was first given by him only.

Hand Written Letters & Urdu Poems by Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Not many people know, that there is lots of material hand-written by Shaheed Bhagat Singh is available. This contains a hand written letter to his sister, a letter in english to Shaheed Sukhdev and few Ghalib’s Few Urdu poems. However, most of this material is lying here and there and is not very organised.

Obviously, it is because Govt. of India is too busy managing everything related to Gandhis and Nehrus of our country and don’t have much time left to take care of great freedom fighters’ memoir.  Take a look below at the hand written letters by Shaheed Bhagat Singh.


Hand-Written Letter by Bhagat Singh to His Sister.

Urdu poems in BS handwriting

Urdu Poems in Bhagat Singh’s Hand Writing.

Hand-Written Letter in English by Bhagat Singh to Shaheed Sukhdev

This letter deals with the views of Bhagat Singh on the question of love and sacrifice in the life of a revolutionary. It was written on April 5, 1929 in Sita Ram Bazar House, Delhi. The letter was taken to Lahore by Shri Shiv Verma and handed over to Sukhdev it was recovered from him at the time of his arrest on April 13 and was produced as one of the exhibits in Lahore Conspiracy Case.

Below is an excerpt of the letter;

By the time you receive this letter I will be gone, going to a far off destination. Let me assure that I am prepared for the voyage inspite of all the sweet memory and inspite of all the charms of my life here. Upto this day one thing pinched in my heart and it was this that my brother, my own brother, misunderstood and accused me of a very serious charge – the charge of weakness. Today I am quite satisfied, today more than ever do I feel that was nothing, but a misunderstanding, a wrong calculation. My overfrankness was interpreted as my talkativeness, and my confession as my weakness. And now I feel it was misunderstanding and only is understanding. I am not weak, not weaker than anyone amongest us, brother. With a clear heart I go, will you clear too? It will be very kind of you. But note that you are to take no hasty step, soberly and calmly you are to carry on the work. Don’t try to take the chance at the very outset. You have some duty towards the public, and that you can fulfil by continuing this work. As a suggestion I would say that M.R. Shastri* appeals to me more than ever.

To read the full letter, go here.

‘Inquilab Zindabad’ is the slogan Given by Bhagat Singh

‘Inquilab Zindabad’  which became the most famous slogan during India’s freedom struggle was actually given by Sardar Bhagat Singh. Ever since this is one slogan that is being used even today during most of the protests, agitations like related to corruption and others.


Bhagat Singh was hanged to death on March 23, 1931.


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