Topper Gayatri’s 99.2% Marks in CBSE Results Broke the Internet with these Most Funny Viral Memes

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Gayatri with 99.2% marks is the new CBSE topper of this year. Last year it was Sarthak with 99.6% marks. Kudos to Gayatri for scoring so high. As soon as the news about Gayatri’s CBSE result broke, the whole internet went abuzz with endless comments and funny memes.

Here are 10 most funny memes on Gayatri’s CBSE result and her being topper with 99.2% marks.

Rajnikanth Tutored Gayatri.


Gayatri Scored 99.2%. Kejriwal Alleged Scam for the remaining 0.8%.


Jagat Babuji “Alok Nath” Still Not Very Happy with Gayatri?


Agar Hum Apna Paper Khud Check Karte, Tab Bhi Itne Marks na Laa Pate – Khan Bros.


Gayatri Still Not Eligible for Roadies. Why?


A Topper without a Specs. Not Possible hai Ji.


Its 99.2% only because remaining 0.8%, Gayatri has donated to a charity.


With Full Marks, Why Would Gayatri Endorse “NoMarks” Product?


Meanwhile, examiner who cut the 0.8% from Gayatri’s Score – Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi.


Last but not the least, Gayatri, Sarthak & Others’s Career Aspirations.



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