Girl Goes into Hysterics After Watching PPAP Videos Non-Stop for Several Hours.

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Kuhu, 14 year old girl from Kanpur went into hysterics after listening to the song PPAP non-stop. She watched videos on YouTube of first the original version of the song and then the Dubsmashes. After this, she fainted. She was taken to the hospital later.

She was in the Danger Zone for 1 whole week. Her mother, who is also a big fan of Indian television lit a diya in front of god’s photograph in the hospital and didn’t let it extinguish for the whole week.

PPAP is a song by Pikataro. Pikataro is a fictitious song writer made by Daimaou Kosaka.  Diamaou Kosaka is a Japanese comedian. The full form of PPAP is Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. The song makes no sense but the tune is so catchy that people can’t help but listen to it on repeat.

PPAP is now considered as deadly as rattlesnakes and might be taken off from YouTube. It is so contagious that one can not stop watching it. Once someone stops watching it the person will sing the song all day in front of his colleagues, family, friends etc.  The song is then forwarded to the people who listen someone singing and then it captures their mind too.

Intelligence agencies of different countries are researching on this song.  Some believe the song is a conspiracy to spread a plague all over the earth. Many people like Kuhu have experienced hysteria. Kuhu’s was the most deadly case.

According to Kuhu’s browser history she watched 282 videos in which the song was directly played and 55 reaction videos non stop without eating or getting up from her place. Lack of movement turned out to be very bad for Kuhu. She was addicted to the song so much she couldn’t do anything about it and ended up in the hospital.

People say words are weapons but this song which is so powerful makes absolutely no sense. Researches are also going on the topic that what makes the song so powerful.

Though the song disease is deadly Doctors have finally come up with a solution. according to them making dubsmash of the song instead of watching it on repeat will cure the weird brain problems caused by the song. Doctors came up with this solution after taking surveys all over the world.

If you haven’t heard it yet I might have made you curious. Before listening to it keep this set of precaution in mind and also forward these precautions to everyone you know to save their lives.


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