Girl’s Family Ask For Mandatory Aadhar Card, Leaves Man Shocked.

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In the age where unexpected is bound to happen, a weird incident was reported yesterday later in the evening in a small town of UP. A man who visited a house for his marriage proposal was shocked to know that the family of the girl had demanded a mandatory Aadhar card before any further proceedings were to take place.


The father of the girl is a retired government employee and is known to be pro-government in nature. With the present government progressively making Aadhar card compulsory for every public service that is entitled to its citizens, the father of the girl decided to follow the same practice at a personal level.


The demographic of UP and many other states in India is skewed up big time. The sex ratio in the state is adversely high with very few females per 1000 men. Amidst all this, the man found him a girl and went on a formal invitation to the girl’s house. He was stunned at his arrival to the house where he was asked to submit his Aadhar card for a quick verification to confirm if he was the actual candidate and not a fraudster.


A daily wage labourer like the man himself was, he was unable to get an Aadhar card due to the fear of losing a day’s wage instead. With very few girls of marriageable age per thrice or even more the number of men waiting to get married, the mandatory demand of Aadhar card came as a bolt from the blue for the man. All his dreams of getting married shattered down like a glass. While his worries seemed gross, his relatives were equally saddened by the unpopular demand made by the family of the girl. They were even sadder to miss out on free samosas and chai.


One of our reporters was able to locate the house and tried to interview the father of the girl. On successfully interviewing him, the concerns of the father seemed valid. He simply said, “What will my daughter do with a man who is having no Aadhar card…. In this age where the government is even demanding Aadhar card on breathing air, I certainly feel that my demand is legit” 


While the man is planning to take up the matter to the local court, challenging this vague demand from the father of the girl and also for breaking his dreams of getting married, the court has certainly little or no power to give judgement on such issues.


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