GoBackIndianMedia: Two Open Letters To The Indian Media From Heartbroken Nepalis

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Fed-up of too much negative reporting on Nepal Earthquake and self publicity, two heartbroken Nepalis have written an open letter to Indian media asking them to just go back home and leave them alone.

Co-incidentally, both the letters to Indian media got surfaced just on the day of World Press Freedom Day. Is TRP hungry Indian media going a way above their limits of freedom?

The below letter has written by Amrit Bista wherein he has shared his emotions on how Indian media, though, doing a good job, involved a bit too much in insensitive reporting as well as self praise.


Indian media is just twisting and turning our disaster and throwing salt in our wound.They reach everywhere where nobody can.We all Nepalese are aware of our current situation and they have just been asking everyone in Nepal that how are we feeling about it . I mean, really??

Another issue, a Chinese rescue team is working to rescue the people with their god damn instrument and this Indian reporter is wasting his time asking about what the instrument was and what does it do as if it was a time of demonstration.

I mean we don’t see any Chinese camera around asking questions to those innocent people who have lost so much and getting questioned about their feelings.

Even the bbc ,cnn and other news reports has their reporters reporting live but they are not acting so ignorant going around asking the heartbroken about their current situation.

A guy loses his seven family members , he is the only one alive and Indian media is already there asking about his thoughts and feelings and ready to capture his tears and even count the drops of tears, who knows the drops of tears will be shown in a slow motion later in TV.

Help is what we need not publicity or tools to create a history in the news about what we felt and how we felt and god knows what more.

So my thought here is if you and your media can reach to every part of Nepal right now, where even basic supplies like food water and tent haven’t been able to reach, instead of telecasting the same god damn news about massive destruction or how much did India helped us, it would be better if you help track the missing ones and telecast the names or faces through your channels.

Track their current situation ( dead alive or injured ), their location captioning the names through your media so that people abroad or even within Nepal itself can know where and how their families are when so many people have been failing to track down their loved ones, instead of just counting the numbers of dead ones, it will be greatly appreciated if you can help a little!Please share the message if you can.

There is one more letter written to Indian media by another user Sunita Shakya. She also seem to be heartbroken with the way Indian media has been behaving with so much insensitivity.

She specifically highlighted about how Indian media has enough time to disturb the rescue teams to interview them and ask them about the kind of technology they are using in their rescue operations.

She writes, how media instead of getting involved only in reporting can participate with much more meaningful tasks helping the rescue teams and operation.

MESSAGE TO ALL THE MEDIA PEOPLE WHO ARE ON GROUND NOW IN NEPAL ( includes media personnel from all the country) :

Your duty as a reporter is not just to capture the scenario and interview people. If you have access to these critical areas hit hard by earthquake, please take some first-aid kit with you. Take some food supplies, tent and water with you. You don’t have to show how government is not able to send supply there. At least you could reach there, so why can’t you all team up. We Nepali people have already seen and experienced weakness and selfishness of our government all our years. At least this time, everyone show your duty as a human.


I hope my message will reach out to all the reporters out there.

Take a look at the complete letter by her to Indian  media asking them to go back if they can not stop such reporting.


It is indeed shameful on media part if they are really indulged in such reporting. It is not the first time that they have been criticized for such things.

In past as well, during such natural calamities within India, media’s role and reporting have been questioned specially the kind of silly and insensitive questions they keep asking and repeating to the victims which only acts as salt in the wound.

Media, its time to think beyond TRP now.


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