Government Plans To Setup Solar Cell Panels On The Heads Of Bald Men To Optimise Space.

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The present Indian Government that believes in minimum government and maximum governance has come up to incredible ways to optimise the various public resources for sustainable development. The latest in the list of innovative solution is to develop mini-solar cell in a form of a portable panel that could be fit on the head of bald men to optimise space management and at the same time provide for sustainable as well as domestic power generation.


The latest in the chapter being a push in renewable energy production was met with the space constraint. The challenge in front of the Government was to acquire huge acres of land for setting up huge solar cell panels for solar power generation. But acquiring large acres of land was not easy as mentioned by the project head & the chief spokesman of the Government on Solar cell project. With collaboration with India’s top R&D units on sustainable power generation, the team came up with a practical solution to the problem of optimising space for setting up these solar cell panels on huge acres of land.


The scientific team on conducting a social research relating to Solar power generation in various states across India had found one common trend among the Indian population. It was a disturbing trend of increasing number of bald men in the near vicinity exponentially over the years. These bald men were often shamed for loosing their hairs and the fashion police would often criticize them. Hence the scientist on these lines developed an innovative solution to attack both the social problem of stopping abuse of bald men as well as the earlier scientific problem of space optimization of solar power generation.

The team has submitted a prototype of solar cell panel that is suitable to fit on the head of a bald man. The bald man can conveniently wear it while on work, a leisure walk or on a routine outdoor exercise. The prototype weighs very light nearly less than half-a-kilogram. Later in the evening, the solar cell panel can be connected to the Inverter unit for power consumption. Though the design of the prototype looks quite odd, the intention behind the approach must be appreciated.


On speaking to one of the bald men present in the event of prototype launch, he was sounding excited about the whole prospectus of the project and has welcomed this move of the government. The other bald man added saying that this move will end the unnecessary criticism of men who loss their hair at a young age and would also make bald head a new style statement.


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