How Delhi Youth Responds to One Night Stands? Some of The Replies May Surprise You.

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When Delhi youth were questioned about One Night Stands (ONS), most of them who were aware of the concept were more than willing to do it. Though none of them claimed of having done it ever ( don’t know If we missed out any person who has done it).

For all those, who still wondering what a one night stands is, please refer to the wiki definition as below;

A one-night stand is a single consensual sexual encounter without an expectation of further relations between sexual participants. This is regardless of whether a single encounter was originally intended by either participant to be a one-night stand, or whether further relations between the participants subsequently arises. Critics of the practice describe it as “sexual activity without emotional commitment or future involvement”.

Delhi youth were also questioned on how they will react if after marriage they found out about their partner having done it..

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