Hrithik Proposes to Kangana in public on New Year’s Eve, Duo to Marry Soon.

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The latest gossip in B-town has hit the track with rumours of Hrithik Roshan proposing to Kangana Ranaut openly in public. These two Bollywood superstars were allegedly spotted together a number of times partying, road-tripping, vacationing, and doing all the stuff together.
This is how the story goes. After the split between Hrithik Roshan and his beautiful ex-wife Sussanne Roshan over matters of extra-marital affairs where both the stars were guilty on their individual parts, Hrithik was spotted with Kangana a lot of times. These two Bollywood superstars have had professional relationships before while doing Kites and Krrish 3 and their on-screen couple was not that much admired during Kites but was considered superb in Krrish 3. Although, the duo has never agreed to the rumours of them being together and sharing a bond but they have never denied it too. May be its too early for them to reveal it to the world with Hrithik’s divorce not even a year-old thing.

Unlike most of the celebrities in B-town, Hrithik and Kangana decided to celebrate the New Year together in India and not going out to some exotic places of the world where they could be spotted together and their pictures leaked and talked upon with those skeptical eyes of their followers and critics staring right into their face. It would, moreover, have acted as a fuel to the fire by making the alleged rumours more intense. In contrast, it seems the couple wanted to make things public and put a stop to all those allegations they were facing, altogether. The couple was spotted at Juhu beach in Mumbai near about midnight dancing to the music at the New Year beach party, where with each passing second they grew intense and got closer. Just when ten seconds were left for 2016 to end, Hrithik got down on his knees and out of nowhere brought out a huge diamond ring for Kangana and proposed her to marry him. Kangana accepted at once. As the clock struck 12, everyone at the place congratulated each other and their partners and prayed for one more year of togetherness whereas the couple was seen kissing furiously. The lip lock pictures made their way to the B-town pretty soon with fans clicking their photographs and uploading on their social media platforms.
The next day, in the press conference of his upcoming movie, Kaabil, Hrithik said that, “I love Kangana with the bottom of my heart and we are going to marry soon. And to give you guys a buzz around, it’s going to be a destination wedding with the venue to be announced soon. My two beautiful kids Hrehaan and Hridhaan are very happy to hear about the wedding and are very excited to witness their father getting married. Sussanne also has no issues with it and she said she would love to be part of it. Kangana, on the other hand, is also very excited and would be leaving soon for shopping to London”.

Hrithik also thanked his fans for giving all the love to him and asked them to accept Kangana as his new soulmate.


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