I didn’t love Amrita Singh and Divorced Her – Saif Ali Khan

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  1. Your recent Movie Humshakal, How was the experience with Sajid Khan?

Saif– To be frank, I didn’t enjoy a single moment on the set. While I watched the film I was asking myself what am I doing this. (LOL). It is funny and feels I was given bhang or something before every scene of mine. Even Kareena didn’t like it. Sajid was some prank played on me before every scene shot? Tell me now at least. This was probably last film with Sajid.

  1. How is your married life with Kareena Kapoor Khan?

Saif– You want to know censored part also? (Laughs loud). Well.. it is awesome. I couldn’t have asked god for better wife and friend than her. She’s truly my Bebo and mere dil le gayi hai. (Winks).

All Is Not Well Between Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor?

  1. Your production house Illuminati Films is doing films with young talents. Are you doing acting in any one of the films?

Saif– Yes, Jawani ka khoon wale logo ke saath kaam karna zaruri hai (laughs). Promoting new talent is a must after at one time we were also new talent. I can’t act in all the films I produce (Sab Mujhe marenge ya sochenge actor nahi milega)(Smiles). But if script suits my image well and good else hunt for someone else.

  1. What was the proudest moment of your life?

Saif– The day my daughter Sara was born then the day I got divorced with Amrita Singh (Sign of relief) and then the day I married my Bebo darling (Laughs). You want to know more? (Winks).

  1. One thing you want people to know about you? And Why Saif Ali Khan Had to Divorce Amrita Singh?

Saif– That for the people I love, I can do anything for it. I mean anything. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love Amrita Singh and went ahead and did divorce. Everything has a reason and so was that. I respect, trust and admire each relation of mine. Yes, I love Bebo and I do anything to make her happy.


  1. We are living in the world of Social Media. But you seem to be very silent person on that. Why?

Saif– I have a great twitter life but Imagine if I write, I am in Las Vegas, having most beautiful time with Bebo and our hotel room is just the best to add to the romance. How cheesy it will sound plus if I suddenly find someone I know in the same hotel immediately when I tweeted. God, I can’t handle such embarrassing situations (Laughs).

Saif Ali Khan in great double trouble.

  1. Something you want to change within you, which might be affecting between you and Bebo relation?

Saif– My drinking habit during shooting hours. Its pain to drink in night and then shoot the next morning. Also, I get short-tempered and shout unnecessarily. I have to be learn to calm else one day Bebo will also become one giant for me. (Lol).

  1. Anytime you cried after marriage?

Saif– Yes, I did. When Bebo holded my hand in the Mandap during wedding. I got tears because my Azaadi gone, my messing up of my room habit gone, me sleeping on my bed with legs stretched on the whole bed freedom gone and so many reasons ahead. Are you also married? Then you will understand the value of my every tear. (Hides face).

  1. Any Fantasy you have?

Saif– It’s not one. I have lot of them and all are naughty enough. Don’t let me reveal it here or else another divorce will be knocking my door then (Laughs).

10. Lastly, which movie you counting in for this year to be your Happy New Year?

Saif– Happy Ending is going to hit in November. It’s a comedy romantic movie and I am sure it will bring Happy Ending to the year. Lets hope for the best. Do you also want Happy ending? No Not to your life but to the year!


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