India Wants Masood Azhar To Clear CAT, Will Withdraw All Charges Against Him

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The other day when Sharmaji’s son cleared CAT exam, Yadavji ambitiously admitted his 5-year old toddler to CAT coaching classes. While Malhotraji’s daughter topped the exam, she made it to the list of “Top 10 beauties who cleared CAT exam”. Soon after water became blue and day became sunny, DJ-wale babu started playing songs on Kumari’s request. Such is the level of competition in India.

In a nation so obsessed with competition, now, wants Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar to appear for Common Aptitude Test (CAT) in the upcoming months.

Who is this Masood Azhar?

Yes, he is the same villain who Ajay Devgan in his movie Zameen, had handed over to terrorists from Pakistan in Taliban. This fictitious character has turned real and has troubled India since then.

Masood Azhar (not the Emraan Hashmi’s Azhar) has taken sole responsibility for sponsoring “reality” shows like Bigg Boss, Roadies, Splitsvilla among many others to pollute the minds of the innocent Indian audience. He has also given Bollywood movies like Himmatwala, Housefull among trillion others to spread his terror pollution in India.

Moving on…

Masood Azhar now wants to revive his Terror Career and plans serious terrorist attacks on India. But the Indian government has taken a pledge to put a full-stop to his career. The Government wants Masood Azhar to appear and clear CAT exam in the upcoming months.


While Masood Azhar is looking for a fresh start in spreading terrorism, he wants to get rid of his past sins. He wants to come out clean and not have the burden of polluting several Indian minds from his sponsored television series and movies.


India is firm to take serious action against Masood Azhar. The officials have raised a plea in United Nations Security Assembly to declare Masood Azhar and his organization JeM as international terrorists.


The government of India has challenged him to clear the exam. On doing do, they have agreed to withdraw its plea against him at UN assembly. Our pesky neighbor, China has been very critical about our stand. It has heavily condemned this move. Perhaps, its policies are not as effective as TV serials like Bigg Boss in India are deteriorating India’s growth.


On been asked why Pakistan aka Pak. Army aka ISI aka Terrorist is silent, our beloved in Inzi Bhai said, “Inshah Allah.. Boys played really well.. Boys have put much effort.. Boys need some rest”. Members from JeM camp has ridiculed this move and threatened nuke attacks on India. Much like Rahul Gandhi affirms to bring earthquake.


JeM chief Masood Azhar will fight for his rights and has already started attending coaching classes in Taliban. On being advised by Chinese Premier to come to Beijing for coaching, Masood Azhar was doubtful on his facial expression, because everything seemed the same to him.


More terror attacks, innocent killings are on the map of JeM long-term plan, but before all that, JeM chief Masood Azhar would want to clear CAT exam and start a new innings of Terrorism internationally.


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