10 Lifestyle Changes, an Indian Girl Undergoes Before and After Marriage.

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Here is an interestingly funny yet close-to-reality take on how the life of an Indian women changes a full cycle before and after marriage. There is not just one factor but many social, economical and family factors responsible for such a massive change that turns a girl to full fledged women.

However, it is not true that change has to be a negative only. Many women have claimed to have witnessed a positive change in their lives after marriage.

Marryinaweek has come up with these 10 posters that talks about these 10 changes that happens in a life of a women from a before marriage girl to an after marriage woman.




Waking Up in the Morning.


Shopping: Before and After Marriage.


Dressing Up.


Scrubbing Gets a Different Meaning.




High Heels Turns Flats.


Before Marriage Family vs After Marriage Family.


What to Eat vs What Others Eat.


Perfectly Shaped Girl to a Yummy Tummy Mummy.


Change is inevitable. Do share how marriage has changed you as a girl?

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