Indian Teens Answers About One Thing that their Parents Don’t Let Them Do.

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Today’ Indian teens wants total freedom and liberty to go out whenever and wherever they want. This has been revealed during a survey done by BuzzFeed India on a group of teens. These Indian teens aged between 13 to 19 years were asked to point out that one thing that their parents don’t allow them to do and which annoys them.

Interestingly results were not much different with each teen wants to have a freedom to move out, go alone, late evening parties, clubbing and of course never to lose touch with their gadgets.

These pics themselves have an answer to the question asked to these teens. Baring few (see the last pic) everything had to say something about their parents that annoys them.

Go Alone and Stay Out Late.

Most common problem of every Indian teen – go alone, stay out late and not to keep informing about their whereabouts all the time.

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Go Clubbing and Parties.

Partying and clubbing is why they are asking to be out alone and late in the night after all. Isn’t it?


To Be Allowed to Use Phones and Gadgets 24×7.

No discussions on this. These gadgets are their life lines now. They are handicap and their mind stops thinking if they don’t have their gadget in their hand.

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No Nagging When it Comes to Boy Friend, Coloring Hair and Watching Game of Thrones.

When we are already into teens, then why the fuss is about having a boy friend and even coloring the hair. Looking more and more beautiful is the first thing these teen start trying as the first thing.

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Not Every Teen Had a Problem with their Parents though.

We are nice kids and quite happy with whatever parents we have.




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