Indian Women Kabaddi World Cup Winners Go Home by Auto Rickshaw

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It is not very uncommon in India to witness step-motherly treatment for every sports except Cricket. But there has to be a certain limit for everything which seems to have been crossed at the recently concluded Kabaddi World Championship where Indian Women Kabaddi team won the world cup with a thumping victory over England. Not long after they won the Kabaddi World cup, Indian women Kabaddi team players were seen waiting for an auto rickshaw to reach home.


Kabaddi World Cup Champions Go Home by Auto Rickshaw [Video]

Check out the video below which clearly shows how Indian women kabaddi team players ( and world cup winners) were made to wait for an auto rickshaw to reach their homes. In a country (India) where there is no limit on the money which we spend on even a losing cricket team, we don’t have just enough to make arrangements to drop world cup winning Kabaddi team players home. Can any one of us ever imagine in our weirdest of imaginations about any level of cricket team players getting such a treatment in India. I think, kind of budgets and money we spend of even local cricket teams in India would be far better than anything else. Its a really shame for our country India and ofcourse the team management who could not even afford to arrange for even an official conveyance to drop winning players home.

Indian Women Kabaddi team players waiting for an auto rickshaw to reach home after winning the world cup.

As if this was not enough, team management failed to pay the hotel and food bills for the players and players were stopped and questioned by the hotel authorities while checking out.

The arrangements for the stay of players were made in Park Plaza hotel. According to the hotel officials, food bill worth Rs 22,000 was due on the players which the game officials hadn’t paid. The players were made to wait at the hotel reception for two hours and were allowed to check out only after their bills were paid.
Punjab Sports Director Pargat Singh said the arrangements for the kabaddi players were made by the organising committee. “We fulfilled all the demands made by the team management. If the players faced an inconvenient it’s the responsibility of the team management,” said Singh.
After checking out, the players, with prize in their hand, were seen standing on the streets waiting for public transport. Most of them went their home walking.
Players told that they had to spend the entireweek in one pair of clothes as their luggage got burnt in the bus accident ahead of the semi final clash. The team management didn’t arrange for fresh pair of clothes for the players.

I wish if we ever get to see something like this when it comes to cricket and cricket players in India.

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