“Bheege Hoth Tere, Pyasa Dil Mera” – Indians Talk About Their First Kiss.

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What replies do you get when you ask Indian about their first kiss experience. When did they do it? At what age and which place? And how was it like? They answered it all in this video but they way they did – it seemed lots of lies in what people are talking. But don’t understand why they start the video by asking a foreigner first when they have titled it like “Indians talk about their first kiss”.


Lots of liars present in the video. As a matter of fact, when confronted with such questions, people, specially Indians tend to cook up fictitious stories around it out of habit and to prove the point, that yes they actually did it and did it in a style.

In any case, do watch this stupid video at least once to make up your own opinion.


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