25 Shocking Facts of High Profile Sheena Bora Murder Case. Who is Indrani Mukerjea and Why She Killed Her?

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Indrani Mukerjea has been arrested along with her second husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver for murdering her own daughter Sheena Bora. But who is Indrani Mukerjea and how and why the circumstances led to Indrani Mukerjea killing her own daughter Sheena Bora?


Here is a full story of high profile murder of Sheena Bora broken up into 25 simple facts followed by the real motive/reasons for murder as well as different theories that are being floated on who all are involved beside Indrani Mukerjea and why.

(1) Indrani Mukerjea was born in Assam with the original name as Pori Bora.

(2) When she was just 16 years old, she got pregnant and gave birth to two children named Sheena and Mikhail. The children were born out of Indrani and Mukerjea’s relationship with Siddhart Das. It is unclear if they had married or not.

(3) Indrani who was too ambitious and wanted fame, name and money early in life decided to leave her children Sheena and Mikhail with her parents in Assam.

(4) After leaving her children in Assam, Indrani moved to Kolkatta in 1990. It is here that she met Sanjeev Khanna.

(5) Indrani Mukerjea and Sanjeev Khanna married in 1993. So, if we assume Indrani and her first boyfriend Siddhart Das did marry, then Sanjeev Khanna became her second husband after marrying her in 1993.

(6) Indrani Mukerjea’s parents did not attend her marriage with Sanjeev Khanna. In fact, no one from the close family of Indrani was present at her marriage.

(7) Indrani Mukerjea didn’t reveal any details about her past relationship as well as about her children to Sanjeev Khanna. She only hinted him that she had almost cut-off with her parents and other relatives.

(8) Indrani Mukerjea and Sanjeev Khanna had a daughter named Vidhie.

(9) The couple moved to Mumbai in 2001 where Indrani started HR consultancy. Her main clients was Ambani’s Reliance group.

(10) By the year 2002, Indrani and Sanjeev Khanna’s relationship turned sour and they filed for divorce.

(11) While, still waiting for divorce completion, she happened to meet Peter Mukerjea. Both were introduced with each other by a common friend at a party. She moved in with Peter later on.


(12) Peter had also been married once and had two sons from his first marriage with Shabnam. Two sons are named Rahul and Robin. Robin stays abroad while Rahul was with Peter in Mumbai.

(13) After getting the divorce, Indrani finally married Peter Mukerjea in November 2002. Her daughter from previous marriage with Sanjeev Khanna, Vidhie also moved in with Indrani and Peter and took the Mukerjea surname. However, Indrani’s two children from her first relationship (with Siddhart Das) still remained with her parents back in Assam.

(14) Once again, no one from Indrani’s family attended her marriage with Peter Mukerjea and she kept him also in dark about her two children, Sheena and Mikhail.

(15) During 2005, however, Indrani finally introduced her two children Sheena and Mikhail to Peter. However, she introduced them as her younger siblings and not as her children.

(16) Afterwards, Sheena Bora moved in with Indrani and Peter and started studying at St. Xavier’s college, Mumbai.

(17) Sheena Bora moved in with the couple and Peter’s son from first marriage, Rahul was also in Mumbai. Both Sheena and Rahul became good friends and subsequently, had an affair with each other. They wanted to marry each other also.


(18) At the same time, Both Indrani and Peter launched their own media company named INX media in 2007. Indrani was made the CEO while Peter took the charge as a chairman of the company.

(19) By 2009, the couple sold off the company INX media and retired to Bristol, UK. In 2008, Wall Street journal had even named Indrani Mukerjea as one of the top 50 women to watch.

(20) Sheena Bora went missing sometime in 2012. She became inactive on social media and whatsapp. Her friends and her younger brother Mikhail became worried. However, Indrani Mukerjea informed everyone that Sheena has moved to USA and even showed some fake pics of Sheen being in USA.

(21) Then, on 25 August 2015, Indrani Mukerjea was arrested by Mumbai police with the charges of murdering her own daughter Sheena Bora in 2012 itself. Real reason and the motive for the murder is still being investigated.

(22) It has been revealed that Indrani Killer her daughter with the help of her driver. Her driver has also been arrested.

(23) It is reported that the reason could be either due to property/money matter or it could be a case of honor killing because of Sheena’s relationship with Rahul Mukerjea.

(24) Quite interestingly, it is now only that Indrani Mukerjea’s third (and current) husband Peter Mukerjea has come to know that Sheena and Mikhail are Indrani’s children and not younger siblings. He is also shocked with the arrest of Indrani. However, after coming to know that she has been charged with the murder of her daughter (Sheena) he has mentioned that he will provide all possible help which is required during the investigation.

(25) Sheena’s younger brother Mikhail Bora has also come forward and speaking to media openly alleging Indrani’s role in murdering Sheena Bora. He has clearly mentioned that he has all the evidence against her mother Indrani Mukerjea. He told media that her mother had married multiple times only to get fame and money and held her responsible for killing her sister Sheena Bora.


Now as far as people involved in killing Sheena and the motive is concerned, there are different theories that are being speculated.

After the arrest Indrani, her second husband Sanjeev Khanna has also been arrested from Kolkatta. So his involvement in the murder is also not ruled out.

Who Killed Sheena Bora – Did Indrani Mukerjea Killed her with the help of her second husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver?

A police official told the Telegraph that Indrani had said that Sanjeev was in the car at the time of the murder.  But Mumbai Police commissioner Rakesh Maria claimed that Sheena had been strangled by her step father and then the body was disposed off.

Other reports have claimed that Indrani strangled her while Khanna and the driver, Shyam Rai, held her. They then took her to Raigad where the body was burnt.

Motive or Real Reasons of Murdering Sheena Bora – Different Theories?

Since the case is very complex with many people involved, there are different theories that are being talked about.

While son Mikhail has claimed to know the reason for the murder and refused to reveal it, the police has said that the reason for the murder could be a combination of monetary  and family factors.

“Although the motive behind the murder still remains a mystery, we are probing all the angles as we strongly suspect honour killing in this case,” a police inspector told PTI.

A Telegraph report, said that Indrani was incensed by the relationship between Rahul Mukerjea and Sheena. But friends of the slain woman say that Indrani had given a huge amount of money to her and then wanted it back.

Indrani Mukherjea killed sheena bora

The Times of India reports that Indrani had serious problems with the relationship between Sheena and Rahul, and the fact that they wanted to get married.

The Indian Express  reported that Sanjeev had planned the murder to ensure his daughter with Indrani did not lose out on her inheritance with Sheena possibly marrying Rahul. Indrani and Sanjeev have a daughter, Vidhie, who has been legally adopted by Peter Mukerjea.

The report said that gains from the INX Media sale were to go to Sheena from Indrani and Sanjeev didn’t want his daughter to lose out.

After killing Sheena, Indrani was even planning to kill her son Mikhail who was living with her parents in Guwahati, police officials told the Times of India. The police say that Sanjeev wanted to ensure that Indrani’s property in Guwahati went to his daughter as well.

They are also probing whether Sheena and Mikhail were blackmailing Indrani over her hiding the fact that they were her children.

A Tehelka article which has since been pulled down had claimed that the Mukerjeas had siphoned off funds to their relatives, one of whom was Sheena.

Indrani Mukerjea Pretend to be Sheena Bora?

It is also being reported that after murdering Sheena, Indrani pretended to be Sheen Bora herself and used her mobile phone and her social media accounts. Indrani used her mobile phone and messaged all of her friends about moving to USA (pretending as Sheena). She even sent the resignation letter from her email id to her present employer.

She even allegedly broke up with Mukerjea’s son Rahul over the phone pretending to be Sheena.

The report said that Indrani used Sheena’s phone for a year after she had died and had call records and cell tower records that showed location matches. Indrani allegedly told other family members that Sheena had gone to the United Kingdom to pursue studies and even visited the country thrice between 2012 and 2015 to keep up the appearance.

As of now, Sheena’s brother Mikhail Bora, Peter Mukerjea and her son Rahul (who was in relationship with Sheena) are also being questioned apart from Sanjeev Khanna, Indrani Mukerjea and her drive who have been arrested for more serious interrogation.


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