The Borehole Doctor – Inspiring Story of Paul Botomon Who Has Never Failed to Fix Up a Broken Well.

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In the Nkhoma village of Malawi, there is a called Paul Botomon, often called as the “Borehole Doctor.” Why? Because he has never failed to fix up a broken well.

He is the reason water flows through Malawi. And he has fixed almost 140 wells around all the rural villages. He would look to you, like a very normal 55-year old, lean, slow and growing older every passing day.

But to all the people of Malawi, he is no less than a miracle, their hero they call him. Botomon considered himself really lucky. When he was six, his village got the first borehole of the entire region. The dream came true, clean water was there. Water being a big necessity, he saw lives change. And he took a pledge to see this change in other’s lives too.


One of the partner organizations of Charity : Water Organization which worked with the government to provide training for area mechanics, Paul heard about them and signed up instantly. His primary work is farming, that’s what he does to bring food for his own family. But whenever he gets the news that a borehole has been broken down, he leaves everything, picks up his tool-kit-a few wrenches, hammers, ropes, things used to apply PVC Cement and walks down to the site. He takes care of all those villages and villagers in trouble just like his own family.

People in trouble often get enthusiastic when they see him because he has never failed once in his job. They start screaming, “The Borehole Doctor is here!” No matter how hard and challenging it is, he solves and helps the people out. People come out to watch him work often and some help him in his job.

Paul Botomon

Paul reminds everyone that it is really amazing that you are building new wells, giving clean water to people, but taking care of the old ones is really necessary. Maybe if Paul wasn’t there, these broken wells in the remote area of Nkhoma, the cries of people, they would have been unanswered. Malawi people call him the reason why water flows through their area. Isn’t he an inspiration?

Above story has been submitted by Japneet Kaur Boyal.


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