Interview with Anamika Mishra, Blogger & Author of Too Hard To Handle and Voice Mates.

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You must have heard (if not read so far) about the novels Too Hard To Handle and Voice Mates. The author behind these works is Anamika Mishra. Here, we present an exclusive interview with Anamika Mishra to know about her journey from being a RJ to a full fledged author and blogger.

Q1 Your formal educational background, any other skill oriented courses taken?

I have done bachelor in computer applications followed by Master in journalism and mass communication.

Q2. How about your Family background.

I come from a normal service class family as my dad is a branch manager in Bank. My elder bro owns a recruitement firm.

Q3. Career – Everything from finishing up your studies and taking up first job to becoming an author.

Well, at first I was endlessly confused about career. Though as a school girl, I always wanted to write books but I was not knowing that writing can be a career option. So, I focused on completing my degree and getting a job.

I was being selected by a top MNC after BCA. While holding the joining letter in my hands, I felt that this is not me… I was not happy from within. So, I decided to leave it and pursue studies (because I was still confused). Then after doing MJMC, I got placed in a radio station as RJ.

After a month of my job, I realized that this is also not my thing. Also, in second year of my MJMC I had started working on my first novel “Too Hard to Handle”. So, I left my radio job in May 2013 and joined as a senior writer. Then of course, my “Too hard to handle” got published and since that time, I am a full time writer and there is no looking back for me now.

VoiceMates is my second novel published by Jaico. Also, I am a blogger and season editor/contributor to various magazines and newspapers.


Q4. Major Hobbies.

I love travelling and photography! Its something that keeps me sane. Apart from this, I love singing, reading and shopping!

Q5. How did transition happened to becoming an author? When did you realize that you could write well to be an author?

When my first article on ‘Science- a boon or bane’ got published in my school magazine when I was in 5th stantard, I got the feeling that yes, I can write. But from that time uptil 2012, I was not confident that I might write a book despite the fact that I already started blogging in 2007.

In 2012, I felt that its now or never. I realized that if I kept waiting for the right time and right age, I would not be able to do anything in life… and then Too hard to handle happened.

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Q6. Books Authored, Any other journals/publications or in general any other contribution towards media/publishing?

I have written 2 novel so far, Too hard to handle & VoiceMates. I have few ebooks to my credit like 22 Golden Keys For A Happy Life, Hallewey’s Halloween, Magical golden rose etc.


Q7. Tell us something about your already published books? How did these happen and what are these all about (in brief)? (Voice Mates, Too Hard to Handle, 22 Golden Keys for a happy life + any more if I missed out).

Talking about Too hard to handle, its a beatifiul novel on life and relationships. There are people who often focus on their past which tends to ruin their present and perhaps future. Protagonist Anushree is this novel is that kind of a girl. She is getting married to a guy who believes that trust and transparency is the root of all relationships. Now, Anushree is scared to share her dark past because she thinks that it might result into a breakup. What happens then and how she manages to tell him about her past is the story of Too hard to handle. From this novel, I have tried to explain what true love is? And of course, what is more important in a relationship- past, present or future!

VoiceMates is completely a different novel. Its a inspiring story about taking that 1 risk to follow your passion and making a career out of it. People are often scared to pursue non-traditional careers like writing, singing, acting… its the family responsibilites and fear of failure, that actually stops them from taking the risk. But risk taking is important, else after years… you will sit and regret about not taking that chance which might have changed your life.

Also, VoiceMates is first novel that is written on a singing reality show. So, yes… its unqiue and inspiring and suitable for people of all ages.

Q8.  Share ratings given to your books by different reviewers/sites.

So far, I have got 3, 4 and 5 stars for VoiceMates which is actually a good sign. It has just been a month since it got released. Having high hopes from it.


Q9. Your future projects/books in pipeline and by when can we expect it in book stores?

Right now, I am focusing on VoiceMates. Though, i am done with writing my third novel, but you will have to wait for at least an year for it. Till then, readers can read my blogs and ebooks.

Q10. Your own favorite authors and books? Share some titles which you have read recently and few you are keen to read?

My favorite authors are Paulo Coelho, Debbie macomber, JK Rowling, Dan Brown, Charles dickens, Danielle Steel and lots more. Rencelty I finished reading The power of subconscious mind and I loved it to the core.

Q11. Future aspirations and objectives?

I just want to write more books and want everyone to read my books.

Q12. What is your typical daily routine ?

It’s kinda simple. I get up around 7, go for a walk or practise Yoga. Then around 8:30am, I go off for a nap. Again I get up around 9 and then my actual day starts. As I work from home, so at 10:00am, I am on my desk with my laptop on. I work all day (take little breaks in between). Then I shut my laptop off around 6:30pm. After dinner and spending some time with family, I again work from 11:00pm to 2am approx. During the day time, I work on articles, editorial work, and blogging etc. at night I work on my books.


Q13. What advice for women who are home makers but with a strong willingness to do something beside taking care of home and kids? And, if some one (spl. woman) has potential to write (on any subject), then how to go about? Share your own experience (best practices and lessons learnt) of getting your first book published – how it happened, what hurdles you faced (if any). Based on your own experience tell us how others can go about getting their first book published.

At first, I would like to say that being a home maker is not at all easy. I see my mom and I really feel how she is able to manage things so easily. So, hats off to all the women who are home makers. Now coming to the fact that they want to do something more in life. Well, I would suggest that if you really want to do something, go for it. It can be anything from learning a new language to writing a book or taking up singing or dance classes to teaching kids.

For writing, I would suggest that before starting to write your own book.. first read good books. I really believe that in order to be a good writer, you need to be a good reader and a good observer.

Observe things around you and try to write your heart out. Don’t rush into wriitng a book. Start with writing small articles, blog posts or create a  daily journal and jot down things in it. All of these small acitvities actually help a lot when writing the first book. I will everyone all the best. Do read my books and follow my blog.


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