IRCTC Website Hacked. Passengers Now Approaching The Hacker to Book Tickets.

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Indian railway’s site to book tickets IRCTC has been hacked by hackers. However, authorities have denied any such hacking attempt on their server saying how can anyone hack into their server which is always down.

IRCTC spokesperson Mr. Tatkal Sharma said “if at all anyone has tried to hack into IRCTC site, by the time he could do any damage, he would have been logged off by IRCTC servers which are real “Tatlkal” (quick) in logging off anyone who logs into IRCTC site. Ask any IRCTC user, they surely know it better.”

IRCTC Site is quick to logout anyone who tries to book ticket.

Meanwhile, many IRCTC users are now contacting the hacker to book tickets for them. We spoke with one such user Mr. Preshaan Kumar, he told, “person who could successfully hack into IRCTC’s super slow servers, he can easily book tickets better than the IRCTC website”.

At the time of writing this report, we found as many as 1 lac IRCTC users have approached the hacker to do the booking for them specially the Tatkal tickets.

As our reporter tried to investigate the matter further, he found that the hacker has now turned into full time travel agent to book tickets for passengers by directly hacking into IRCTC servers.


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