Is BJP Worried About “Modi-Modi” TRP Falling To “Yogi-Yogi” Rise?

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While it will take another century for the decline of Modi politics in India, BJP might want to rethink its decision to field Yogi Adityanath as UP’s Chief Minister. According to an independent survey, off-late many news channels were alleged to be biased in the coverage of works done by the newly elected UP CM Yogi Adityanath and the unanimously elected Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. Most of the media house in India are alleged to have received anonymous funds to popularize “Yogi-Yogi” brand name to wipe out well-established “Modi-Modi” brand image.


Reacting to such allegations made against the national media, a spokesperson of a famous news channel who wished not to be named regarded the claims made in the survey opportunistic and false. The survey also mentioned the possible reason for their biased coverage. While the agenda of actual news reporting has been taken for a toss these days and only the news which is certain to gain high TRPs is broadcasted, giving due importance to “Yogi-Yogi” popularization is inevitable.


For once, Arvind Kejriwal of AAP party has created a valid controversy over such biased media reportings. He believes that he is a self-made politician and has worked hard to create his own brand image. According to him, Yogi Adityanath is any other Hindu fanatic trying to reform UP into a Hindu state and is largely supported by his own party. But some party in the opposition is trying to make the best use of this opportunity by anonymously funding media channels to report only on “Yogi-Yogi”, realizing the fact that over a period of time, the people would forget “Modi-Modi” chants, thus making their way to 2019 general assembly elections which otherwise was in a bleak.


For our readers to get an in-depth analysis, MindTheNews got closer to this boiling controversy and has sort political experts to give their opinion on the same. The experts believe that media channels are only making extra profit by biased coverage of the newly elected CM over any other event of national importance. They sympathize with the media channels since ad revenues are their only source of income and the actual news gains minimal TRP. Hence such controversial news is bound to be covered numerous times. On the other hand, the BJP high command has outrightly rejected such claims and has refused to comment further on the controversy.


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