Is Modi using Kejriwal’s Broom?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned to India after a glorifying visit to the U.S. The whole world is lightened with the spark of this one old man. His speeches are the only topic of discussion among everyone within or outside the country. The country is filled with pride. A new sort of confidence is developed in every Indian after the PM’s performance in the U.S. Modi has already made the NRIs happy with his new schemes on visas. Now all the eyes are on the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.  The PM will himself  hold a broom on 2nd October 2014 that is on Mahatma Gandhi’s 145th birthday.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan satire

Sources say that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has been hiding behind his knees since he has heard about the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Few near and dear ones of Arvind have also seen him sobbing over this matter. Arvind alleges Mr. Modi saying that, “Modi ji ne meri Jhaadu tak cheen li” (Modi ji have snatched even my broom). Kejriwal who was the chief minister of Delhi for 49 days left his broom in Delhi to fulfill his dream of becoming the PM of the country. And now Modi has snatched the same broom to impress the public.

Is Modi using Kejriwal's Broom?Kejriwal also claimed that he is a mechanical engineer and can handle the sewage system of the country far better than Mr. Modi, who was just a Chai Wala. “I mean does he even know which pipe has to be fixed where in the sewage plant?”  disturbed Kejriwal asked.

The urban development minister, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu has written a letter to the Aam Admi party chief, inviting him to join the clean India drive. Kejriwal swears that he really wanted to accept the invitation but how can he, without his broom :(.

That was the only thing left with me after my downfall in the Indian politics, and Modi has snatched even that from me”, Kejriwal said showing one of his pictures with his broom. The CBI is investigating whether the allegations made by Kejriwal on modi are true or not.  The CBI chief said that there are lot of similarities between both the brooms and this is one of the most complicated cases he has come across in his career so far.


Modi is silent on the whole issue. He seems to be quite impressed by ‘The Ugly Indians’ tag line; “kaam chalu muh band”. But few BJP leaders claimed that it is Mr. Modi’s personal broom from the days when he used to clean the RSS office. On the other hand Mayawati was found screaming as usual that this is injustice with the Bahujan samaj. Broom is something which belongs to them. Kejriwal and Modi both have snatched this broom from the Bahujan samaj party.

By doing this they are trying to equalize the upper class and the sweeper class. Specially, Modi’s orders to the government officials to clean the office toilets will lead to the decline in the status of the toilet cleaners. They enjoyed their reservation status and now if they will get similar treatment from the society as the higher govt. officials get then the country will face equality, which is not at all safe for bahujan samaj party.


The father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi said:  “Be the change, you wish to see in the world “. And our various politicians really follow that. Mr. Kejriwal wants the whole world to be on Dharna. Mayawati wants the whole world to discriminate between upper and lower class by doing that herself. Ohh! yes I think she also wants the whole world to build elephant’s monuments. Our honorable former PM Manmohan Singh wants the world to be silent. Rahul Gandhi seems to wish that each person in the world messes with their country. Sonia Gandhi wants the bahu’s of the whole world to just sit and enjoy all that their in-laws have earned and let their children destroy it. And…. Narendra Modi will show on 2nd october 2014, what change he wants in his world, his India, ‘The clean India’, ‘The dream India’.


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