Jackie Shroff Video Shows Why the Father-Daughter Bond is Unbreakable

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The father –daughter bond is an unbreakable one. Every Father and daughter shares a fortunate bond that no one can match up to. Their loves grows stronger with the time and the bond is totally inseparable. Our dad is our own pillar of support, our helping hand, definitive strength and our cute and adorable daddy, he deserves all the happiness of the world.

No matter how much old you get, whenever you’re in trouble or you need something, you run to your “daddy” rather than running to your mom. He can’t get over the fact you have grown and for him, you will always be his little princess and we will always be our “daddy’s girl”.

He has always been our light to pick us whenever we feel low, and makes us correct when you’re wrong and teach us the meaning of responsibility.

Makhmal, directed by the Faraz Ali. Makhmal is the bitter-sweet tale of the ‘velvet piece’ that weaves the unconditional love between the father and his daughter.

This 16 minute short film uploaded by the colourbar starring Jackie Shroff, an embroidery artisan, who plays the role of the separated father.

This emotional ride like a roller coaster will touch you in the unique manner. Just have a look..

The bond we share is inseparable and sometime it feels like quite upset when they aren’t around each other.


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