Here is a Twist to Jasleen Kaur -Sarvjeet Singh’s case. Jasleen Kaur Was Never Harassed by Sarvjeet Singh and She is Lying Only to Get Publicity?

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Now, here comes a twist to the Jasleen Kaur -Sarvjeet Singh case. Earlier, as per complaints filed by Jasleen Kaur, she was molested by Sarvjeet Singh in Tilak Nagar area at around 8 PM on 23 Aug 2015. She posted this on Facebook along with a clicked pic of Sarvjeet and this became so much viral that it became a breaking news.

Most of the news channels played this news again n again yesterday showing Sarvjeet Singh as the victim and girl Jasleen Kaur as the brave one who did dare to do all this.

However, media has no rights to decide about the outcome of a case. They are supposed to show both sides of story and let the law takes it own course to decide what is wrong and take an appropriate actions.

Based on few observations and a comment by Sarvjeet Singh, apparently it all looks like some kind of publicity stunt and probably Sarvjeet Singh is not at all guilty.

Anchor, Journalist Deepika Bhardwaj has also posed few questions and observations which seem quite appropriate to be answered first before concluding Sarvjeet Singh as guilty.

Now, lets take a look at few more things which puts a question mark on Jasleen Kaur’s side of story (#FightBackIndia);


Now, it makes perfect sense – how and why a person who did something as bad as molesting a girl would wait, stop and even pose for the camera.

So, below is what Sarvjeet Singh has to say from his side on the whole incident;

Hello …..jiski baat ye ladki jiska naam jasleen kar rahi h wo main hoon…ek side se baat sunke sab apni advise de dete hai…per ye kaise hua kyu hua koi janna nhi chhata. Mai red light pe khada tha near aggarwal sweet, tilak nagar. Ms. Jasleen ne mujhe or bakio ko rukne ka ishara kia…den i said ki mujhe left side jana h iske liye mujhe rukne ki kya zarurat..humne konsi red light jump krni hai…den i said to her ki apko jana to aap chale jao…bass itni si hi baat hui..isne meri n bike ki pic click krli den kehti mai btati hu tujhe jab tere ghr police ayegi tab pata chalega..kal mai jaunga thane…baat clear btane…i knw grls k sath kaafi chhed chhad hoti h….but iska means ye nhi ki jo baat na hui ho uska bhi issue bana dia jaye….em nt requestng u ki ye post remove kro…share kro jitna kr skte ho kro..but tab jab maine apko koi bad word ya kuch bhi glt kaha ho to….agar maine battmizi ki hai to sabne suna hoga…kisi ne kuch kyu ni kaha…mai bhi normale person hu…kahi ka don ya gunda nahi jo mujhse log darenge..


Now, this whole sequence of incident as mentioned by Deepika makes sense. Isn’t it? Jasleen said everyone present around remained silent spectator to the whole incident and didn’t come forward to help her. Ok accepted.

But how could they all be so ignorant about what all is happening around them. A boy is passing lewd comments on a girl and lots of arguments and scene is happening and no one takes notice. How is that possible?


Look at the pic again see how indifferent the people in the background are as if nothing has happened or happening around them. Boss, this is India, even if people may not do any thing about what is happening around them but no one leaves a chance to at least watch it all happening. But here everyone seems unaware of what is happening around.


The above pic has also raised a question that Jasleen Kaur is probably going to be the candidate from AAP for DUSU elections and that is why she could have done it all. However, she has clarified this already via her FB post once again that she is not at all eligible to fight DUSU elections as she is studying in St. Stephens and which is not part of DU.

Even if we believe with that comment by Jasleen, everything else as mentioned earlier above still poses a good question to be answered.

Another thing which is coming as questionable in the whole incident is the timing of the incident, time of posting it on FB and timing of tweets which is all hinting at probably Jasleen has used this pic to her own advantage and trying to prove that she was harassed by Sarvjeet.

Take a look at the below pics with time stamps and also take a look at the last one which is a FB post by Jasleen and which is being seen as “edited” (it comes when some one edits the post after writing and posting it for the very first time).

jasleen-kaur2 jasleen-kaur-claim jasleen-fb

So, What do we conclude in Jasleen Kaur – Sarvjeet Singh Harassment Case?

Is it only a lie that Jasleen Kaur was harassed by Sarvjeet Singh? Did she do all that only to gather publicity? Sarvjeet Singh is not at all guilty?

So, we need answers to all the above and if Jasleen is wrong and then what action is taken against her for filing a wrong case against some one, that needs to be looked into.


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