Delhi is Not Safe for Men? Read The Full Story First Before Making Any Conclusion. Do Share Your Opinion Below.

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Before you get me all wrong, let me correct I am not saying that Delhi is safe for girls and not for boys. Nor I am trying to support Sarvjeet in Jasleen Kaur – Sarvjeet Singh case because I still don’t know the truth. But then, most of the people including media and even police don’t yet know it. Then, how, why and who has decided that Jasleen was right and Sarvjeet was wrong.

What was the evidence? Only a photo clicked by Jasleen Kaur. Come on, how can only a usual photo can be a solid proof to accuse some one. That too, when in a photo Sarvjeet was looking usually posing for a pic and not seen as attacking the girl or something like that. So, the question – are such photos enough proof to make such kind of serious allegations on anyone arises?


We have already talked about various questions that are left unanswered in our earlier post. So, was it not the duty of media and the police to properly investigate the matter first before making a firm conclusion merely based on a picture in Jasleen Kaur – Sarvjeet Singh case.

Well, if girl could click a pic then she could have possible made a video as well which would have been more effective tool to prove that Sarvjeet is a culprit. But wait! we already know about the case of Rohtak sisters who have made the video as well but even then later on they were proved wrong.

So, even a full fledged video may not be enough proof sometime to make allegations against some one unless the concerned person is seen talking vulgar, attacking or obscene remarks are there in the audio, then it still makes sense to point finger at the person.

But, in many recent cases, we have seen everything going against the complainant but that happens only quite later. Only when we have already made the person (complainant girl) as hero and given all the publicity to her.

Even then, how many times have we seen media apologizing that they made the wrong conclusions in the earlier stages. They keep quite at the most. So, boy is still left at the mercy if investigating police officers and specially women cell (who are always sniffing around to find such easy targets to keep themselves in news).


In many cases, all the wrong publicity ends up spoiling the career and life of the concerned boy. And such damages are irreversible.

I am not saying, girls in such cases are always wrong and boys are only right. But trying to point out here is the fact that the girls who are real victims still struggle to get justice and whereas some ‘smarter’ girls tries to take the undue advantage of the law in their favor.

In these days, it has become very common specially in metro cities like Delhi where girls are way smarter than what they used to be earlier. They have the courage to make voices now which is good. But there is this new breed of people (girls) who are due to whatsoever reasons keep looking for an easy publicity. It could be to make some political gain if they are attached with any political party or it could just be otherwise to get an easy publicity so that they become sort of celeb and which helps them to be known name and helps in their career or whatsoever. The reasons could be anything.

What is even saddening is such incidents affects the real and genuine cases. I mean, we all know there are thousands of rape cases keep going on and on for years without any justice being done. And on the other hand, we have such case where truth is still not known and media and police jumps to make conclusion themselves owing to pressure because the person has click a photo or taken a video and has already uploaded and shared on social media. Once such piece of pic/video reaches social media, in couple of minutes it is shared by thousands of people and become viral. So, obviously it reaches the media people as well as police also. And when it is seen that girl’s friends and relatives and many other people closely known to the girl are already praising her, some sort of unseen pressure starts building up to accept the girl as right and the boy as wrong. And, media starts flashing the news in no minutes. More than half of job is already done. Girl is in TV and print news also now beside having undergone viral on social media.

So, without even speaking with the other party (boy), police and people start making conclusions like girl is right and boy is wrong.

In most cases, boy is arrested also and his family also suffer. Going back, the real and genuine cases which we were talking about still keep going on within the close doors of the court and no one even knows about them. So, the real victim girls continue to suffer as before and on the other hand, the one with a fake case gets everything done in no time.

We all know the power of social media these days. But then it has many disadvantages also. One is we just discussed above. Hence, social media can not or should not be taken as the only evidence /proof to decide about any case. It can and should only be treated as a helping tool but real in-depth investigation by legal authorities should be done as usual before making the final judgement. Until then, media either should keep silent and not cover it. Or if they are covering it then they should cover it only after speaking to both the parties and showing what a girl has to say vis-a-vis what a boy has to say. They should not telecast it in such a way that it sounds like they are giving their own opinion about who is right and who is wrong. They should at the most record and telecast what each one has to say and nothing more than it.

Role of social media users is also very important here which is acting as the key tool in such cases. When you share something, use your mind and not heart.

When you think from your heart, then obviously you get emotionally prompted to share such things thinking it is going to help some one. But think first using your mind and question it, find the truth if possible and then only share it. If truth can not be found, then leave it and ignore it but please, please don’t share it further.

You think, yours’ one share may help someone but if it is fake, then remember it can affect some one else adversely. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has millions of users and if any such post is shared even by some 0.00001%, remember it will still be enough to make it viral and it will spread all over and make it trending in no time.

I am afraid if such things are continue to be allowed to happen, then my title of this post will be proved right which I don’t want to see it happen. Rather, I want to see Delhi (or any place in India ) being safe for both girls as well as boys.


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