Very Inspiring and Unbelievable: Watch World’s First Armless Female Pilot who Fly with her Feet

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Jessica Cox (32 years old) is the world’s first armless licensed pilot who fly the planes with her feet. Its only about flying but literally every other activity in her life, she does it using her feet.

Jessica Cox – World’s First Armless Female Pilot who Fly with her Feet.


Her disability has been a no barrier for her and now, she is also into motivational speaking where she inspires others with her real life experiences and teaches them how a person can live to he fullest even with a disability such as having no arms.

Ever since, her childhood, Jessica Cox has been involved and done every activity in her school. So, be it swimming, sports, Taekwando and even many other things, she has been able to do quite successfully without any dependence on anyone.

Watch out this very inspiring video to to see her doing everything using her feet and that include flying planes as well. Must watch.




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