Kapil Sharma On Fight With Sunil Grover: “I only wanted to prove how drinking can cause disaster”.

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India’s famous Stand-up comedian and comedy show host Kapil Sharma has pulled himself into trouble after his latest social experiment to spread awareness about the social evils of drinking.


We are very well aware of his campaign for Swachh Bharat after PM Modi had nominated the actor soon after the launch of the mission. Seeing the success of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Kapil Sharma was motivated to take on another awareness campaign against the social evils of drinking. But this time the comedian had gone too far and instead staged a plot where he would be actually drunk and abuse his co-actors in public only to realize that the experiment would horribly go wrong.


On interviewing the co-actors of The Kapil Sharma Show who were abused in public were in complete shock and was totally unaware of this uncalled act by Kapil Sharma. The co-stars also expressed their displeasure over such social experiments and hence planned to boycott the show. On special interaction with Kapil Sharma, the bleak future of The Kapil Sharma Show was seemingly evident.


Kapil Sharma to our correspond revealed, “I only wanted to prove how drinking can cause disasters… It was a part of my campaign against the social evils of drinking”. He also went on to add, “Since it was a social experiment, I didn’t want my co-actors to know about this experiment which I was going to perform because I was worried that it could hamper their natural reactions. I never in my dream thought that they would be so offended that they would actually decide to leave my show”. 

In case if you are wondering on how Kapil Sharma spoke such fluent English to our correspond, we would want to clarify that it was translated into English after the o recording the original statements in Hindi.


While the original intention behind the entire act was applaudable, the poor execution by Kapil Sharma might cost him his famous comedy show. TRPs of the show fell down sharply for straight three weeks after the feud between the actors begun. Sony TV on which The Kapil Sharma Show is aired has given notice to the producer cum actor cum host demanding an increase in TRP or going off-air. The clouds of trouble for the actor is dense and his supporters are going restless over the absence of the original star cast of the show. Kapil Sharma might soon want to get back to top ratings and for that, he would have to stop such uncalled social experiments and concentrate on real comedy.


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