Katrina Kaif in See Through Black Top Dress

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Wardrobe malfunctions are not very uncommon even in Bollywood. Quite recently, famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan was in news for having suffered wardrobe malfunction because of her see through dress. Now, it was the turn of another Bollywood babe aka “Chikni Chameli” Katrina kaif who was spotted wearing a see through top at the international airport in Mumbai. Needless to say, the top which was black in colour was too thin and exposed more than Katrina could have expected.

Katrina Kaif’s See Through Black Top Photos

Have a look at the images of Katrina Kaif’s see through dress wardrobe malfunction. It was a golden opportunity for the Shutterbugs who didn’t waste a minute in capturing Katrina Kaif in her see through black top.


These days such small bits of wardrobe malfunctions have far more common than earlier times. Of course, many of these are well planned by the publicity hungry celebrities who wants to be in news always to keep their demand high. We all know, out of sight is out of mind. So what could be a better way to be in sight and in mind always.

So, how did you like seeing Bollywood’s hot favourite Katrina Kaif’s see through top wardrobe malfunction.

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