Kaun Banega Mehbooba (Mufti) Ka Pati?

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At a tourism promotion seminar in New Delhi today, AAP minister Kapil Mishra (not Kapil Sharma) asked few questions to Mehbooba Mufti. Those questions were seen by Mehbooba as below the belt attack on her.
The first question that pops up is how can someone attack her below the belt when she wasn’t wearing one.
In response to this question, she tweeted that she was wearing a belt during the ceremony. Her response has made Sonam Kapoor (Bollywood bizzare fashion icon) furious. She reportedly said how can that not come to my mind first-Wearing a belt on salwar.
In the program, Mehbooba Mufti said that women in Kashmir are safer than anywhere in the world because there are hardly any  men left. Men in Kashmir are busy fighting our security forces, raising Pakistani and ISIS flag and preparing anti-Indian slogans.
Kapil Mishra asked her to tell everyone about her love life for which he was thrown out. She commented on it saying,“Kashmir unrest is just an excuse, i come to Delhi to find a suitable match for myself.” She told the media that since the government has disrupted internet services in Kashmir, she is missing  Tinder dating app.

Women commission has now come to her rescue and demanded that Salman Khan must marry Mehbooba Mufti. This demand has not been taken very well by Daisy Shah, Sneha Ulaal, Eli Everam,Iulia Ventur and Sangeeta Brijlani.

Rakhi Sawant has brought a new angle to the story by suggesting the name of Rahul Gandhi for Mehbooba. Sonia Gandhi says she is okay with the proposal but PDP needs to form a coalition with Congress before the marriage. To secure the coalition with PDP, BJP has proposed the name of Yogi Adityanath for Mehbooba. This will also boost his love jihad campaign.
However, the question remains dangling:- Salman Khan,  Yogi Adityanath or Rahul Gandhi, kaun banega Mehbooba ka pati?


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