Kejriwal Govt. Announces Odd-Even Formula for Diwali Celebration.

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The Kejriwal led Delhi Government has announced a new scheme that will help to reduce pollution in the capital city during the 10 day Diwali celebration. They have plans to implement the ever popular odd-even scheme used for transportation to crackers and fireworks to keep pollution in check.


According to the Arvind Kejriwal, this odd-even for Diwali will be done in this way. Starting from 30th October 2016, every household in New Delhi will burst one cracker (odd) or firework on one day followed by  two crackers (even) on next day and again reverting back to the use of only one in a day. Other way to implement odd-even for Diwali could be like – people living in areas with “even” Pincode number will celebrate Diwali on 30th October and those living in areas with “odd” Pincode number will celebrate it on 1st Novermber.

News of this scheme has upset a lot of people – shopkeepers, children, street hawkers etc. Bablu, a nine year old boy living in ChandaniChowk, said, ‘Kejriwal uncle aisa kyun karte hain? Yeh odd-even rule ke wajah se main apni toy car se khel bhi nahi sakta!’ Ashok Verma, owner of a shop selling crackers and fireworks in Sarojini Nagar, said “Iska kya fayda? Pollution kam ho jayega par Delhi Government ke ministers scandals mein phase hi rahenge na?’

The sales of crackers and fireworks are estimated to go down this year with children forcing their parents to purchase only 10 crackers instead of the usual order of about a hundred of them.

The Government has also confirmed that this scheme will be implemented yearly to keep control over pollution. This has caused the public of Delhi to immigrate to their favorite holiday spots of Gurgaon, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh where such rulings would be akin to not banning beef anymore.

The Government will issue a list of do’s and don’ts to help the public understand this scheme and they hope that this Diwali no one will have any fun in New Delhi. 🙂


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