Kejriwal to produce Rohit Shetty next, if he promises to use Diesel cars registered in Delhi in the movie [Satire]

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In a startling move that is going to bring some respite to Delhiites, the Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has decided to do away with the odd-even formula after January, 2016. Asked what prompted this sudden move and whether the government has a better alternative in place, the Delhi CM Mr. Kejriwal gleefully said, “When we have talented guys like Rohit Shetty in the country that can turn scores of moving cars into pieces by a single shot of bullet, looking for other alternatives will be foolish.” Mr. Kejriwal admitted that the idea struck him when he feared another raid by the CBI at his office and took time off to get a pirated CD of ‘Dilwale’ from Chandini Chowk and watched the movie very carefully at an undisclosed location.


Sources close to AAP have confirmed that the government is already in talks with Mr. Shetty for production of at least 3 movies based on Delhi. The sources further confirmed that the government has made it clear that only Diesel cars registered in Delhi will be used in all the three productions. However, the script for the first movie titled ‘Mufflerwale’ is still under process and is yet to be finalized. Sources close to the CBI under anonymity have hinted that the agency was actually looking for this script, which was being prepared by the Principal Secretary.

“The government has promised full support for shooting the movies in several locations in Delhi under tight police security,” an unidentified “mufflerman” told Mind The News Team. Meanwhile, the Delhi Commissioner of Police has tweeted that the police does not fall under the purview of the Delhi government and they promise no such security arrangements for anyone.

Putting all the speculations to rest, Mr. Shetty in an exclusive interview to the Unknown Times over phone said, “Mere ko script waise be nahi chahiye, mujhe bas aap gaadiyan dedo, phir app dekho! (I don’t need the script anyway, you just have to provide me the cars, and then you will see!).”

After this announcement by the Delhi government, the Diesel cars owners’ association of Delhi has decided to go on strike at Jantar Mantar against the move. The Association is demanding a share in the movie collections after the movies are released. Denying their demands, Mr. Kejriwal said that the money will be used to buy mufflers and cough syrup, which will be distributed throughout the capital to counter the pollution.

Delhi cough syrup association and muffler manufacturing companies have welcomed this new formula.


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