Jealous Kiran Bedi Joins BJP to Get Delhi CM Seat [Funny Memes & Twitter Jokes]

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Finally, insecurity and jealousy has made India’s first woman IPS officer Kiran Bedi join BJP to reach the Delhi CM position in an easy way. That is the reason, that the party, she was standing against once (BJP) – now – standing with them. Too much of aspirations and jealousy (against Arvind Kejriwal) has made her join BJP whom she had been calling corrupt and what not along with Anna and Arvind Kejriwal.

Let’s take a trolling tour for the #YoBediSoJealous (trending on Twitter) with some of funny toons/memes created around Ms. Bedi’s jealousy and insecurity and more.

#YoBediSoJealous – Kiran Bedi During Her Good Days with Anna and Kejriwal


Amul’s Funny Take on Kiran Bedi

amul kiran bedi toon

#YoBediSoJealous – She Broke Up with Kejriwal


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Twitter Jokes – #YoBediSoJealous



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