Top 5 Kisses between US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle

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It’s no wonder to find top celebrities cuddling lodged in a tongue-in-tongue steamy lip-lock both on screen and off screen. But when the celebrity is no usual actor or actress and is a US President himself, then it is bound to make the top headlines. US President Barack Obama has been one of those rare presidents who have made to headlines not only for the usual political stuff but for his kisses with her wife and first lady Michelle Obama. So, we bring you here all the top best kissed between US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama.

US President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Kissing as they dance at the Eastern Regional Inaugural Ball.

barack obama and first lady michelle kiss Inaugural Ball

Obama Kisses Michelle After Victory Speech during Election Night in Chicago.

barack obama kissing michelle After Victory Speech during Election Night in Chicago

Barack Obama gives his wife Michelle a playful kiss at Des Moines, Iowa.


President Barack Obama (L) kisses his wife first lady Michelle Obama after his speech at the event ‘Together We Thrive: Tucson and America’.

barack obama kisses michelle at event Together We Thrive Tucson and America

First Lady Michelle Obama Gives the president Barack Obama a smooch at the annual National Prayer breakfast in Washington.

first lady michelle obama smooch us president barack obama national prayer breakfast washington


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