AIB Roast Viral Video Review – KRK Sounds Better for the First Time

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If you have watched the AIB Roast video, then for the first time ever, you will find KRK sound a way better than that. Yes we are talking about none other than most controversial Bigg Boss season 3 participant Kamaal Rashid Khan i.e. KRK who has done a video review of AIB roast with Ranveer, Arjun and Karan. If you have heard KRK before then you would now that he has been a big “bakchod” ever even before All India Bakchod came into existence.


Due to his bakchodi, KRK has always made into headlines. But this time, after hearing about all the shit that happened in AIB roast, you will suddenly find KRK much better than them at least.

Now, due to all the halla-bol and controversy, AIB has been asked to take down the roast video from youtube. For all those, who didn’t get a chance to view and hear it – it had nothing except the hindi abuses spoken every second and audience laughing to it. They have shamelessly used the words like, chu*iya, motherfu****s, Bose-DK, Bhench*d. Actors Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor & Karan Johar mainly used these words only in the full stage performance. Now, you would know why this video went viral to such an extent that Govt. of Maharashtra had to intervene and get it banned immediately.

After hearing about all the shit, you will surely find KRK a cool to hear specially when he has slammed the AIB roast show and its participants as well as audience in his special video review. He has also cited various examples, that how he had been criticized for his anti-woman remakes in the past but the same actress sitting in the audience didn’t give a damn to when AIB team along with Karan, Ranveer & Arjun were doing the same. Rather, quite contradictory, they seemed to even enjoy all the “maa-behn” stuff that was going on there.

So, do watch this video of review of AIB roast by KRK;


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