La-La Land To Be Remade In Bhojpuri Directed By Ravi Kishan

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Lucknow: It was raining awards for 2016 American romantic musical comedy-drama La-La Land at the 74th Global Globe Awards. In India, Google search results on La-La Land spiked to 200 searches per half-a-minute. Probably, we Indians got the phonetics of this word in the Hindi language totally wrong!

After La-La Land winning so many awards in a single event, the other morning, Ms. Kumari excitedly discussed the same with her friends, flaunting her impeccable knowledge of Hollywood movies. Meanwhile, in order to avoid embarrassment among their “Hollywood intellectual” friends, several people visited websites hosting pirated low-quality print of La-La Land. The local lads were satisfied with few “good” scenes in the movie.


Several filmmakers in Bollywood has criticized the jury’s decision. They have claimed several Bollywood movies to have the exact plot and storyline that matches La-La Land. An expert panel has been constituted to probe into this issue. The panel’s report will be forwarded to the jury of Golden Globe Awards in a months time.


The news of La-La Land winning so many awards created a temptation among Bollywood producers to remake the same. The general convention among the Indian audience is that they do not enjoy tragic endings nor do they enjoy Jazz music. The Indian remake of La-La Land had to be written by someone cheap and loud. The producers unanimously decided to hire a Bhojpuri cast and crew. The makers of the remake are targeting the Gutka-Chap Screen Awards later in the year.

Our favorite, the local superstar Ravi Kishan has been approached to direct the movie. While Manoj Tiwari will write down the script for Bhojpuri version of La-La Land. Ravi Kishan is also expected to play the lead role, as that of Sebastian- the jazz musician in the original movie. He would be seen playing a mouth-organ instead. The role of the lead actress is yet to be finalized. But reports suggest that there could be multiple item songs to entertain the Bhojpuri audience.


Poonam Pandey has expressed her desire to play the role of the lead actress. Leonardo Dicaprio aka Jack Shukla will be mentoring the Bhojpuri cast and crew to give them an international feel. A workshop will be conducted for the Bhojpuri crew in Los Angeles. All expenses will be funded under Pradhan Mantri Relief Fund. 


This ambitious project has got the backing of central as well state governments. The officials from the government were keen on the outcome as they are expecting this remake of La-La Land to win Oscars. To give a free hand to the makers, the censor board chairman Pahlaj Nihalani has been sent on a long vacation.


MindTheNews would like to wish the makers of this movie a great success in their upcoming endeavor.


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