As Part of Divorce Settlement, this Germany Man Literally Gave Half of Everything to his Unfaithful Ex-Wife

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A man in Germany has cut all of his belonging into two halves, one for himself and one for his ex wife. He did this when, as a part of Divorce settlements, court ordered the spouses to split their belonging 50/50. However, the man took this literally and cut everything into two pieces. This includes everything, right from furniture to electronic gadgets.

He has posted a video on youtube showing him using tools to cut everything into two pieces. The translated description of the video reads like;

“Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful years,’ Laura! You’ve really earned half. Greetings also to my successor.”
















He has put his own half share of everything up for sale on eBay. The other half has been given to his ex unfaithful wife.

Check out the video below;


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