We Have Asked Delhi Police Commissioner to Arrest Jasleen Kaur for Filing Fake Case Against Sarvjeet Singh. Please Share This Post to Support and Put Pressure on Delhi Police To Take Action Against Jasleen.

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Now, in the much talked about case of Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh, the truth is finally out after an eye witness came out and narrated everything what has actually happened. Since, it has now been proved that Jasleen Kaur made a false case against Sarvjeet Singh for personal gain and an easy publicity. Sarvjeet Singh who was immediately arrested without even verifying the truths has been bailed out. But it has already done enough damage to his and his family’s image who was being referred to as some pervert etc.


Now, when the truth is out and we all know Jasleen Kaur was at fault and filed a wrong case, what action has been taken by Delhi police against her? Has she been arrested for filing a fake case against Sarvjeet Singh and tarnishing his image? If not, then why not.

We at MindTheNews, have written a letter to Delhi Police Commissioner Mr. Bassi asking all the above questions and asking him to take action against the girl Jasleen Kaur by arresting her so that no girl can take undue advantage of the law in future.


Please see the screen shot of the email that we wrote to Mr. Bassi and at the time of writing this post, we had not received any reply from him or his office.

Below is exact text of what we have written to Delhi Police Commissioner;

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you on behalf an independent news portal MindTheNews.com.
This is regarding the case of Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh that happened quite recently in the Tilak
Nagar area of west Delhi. In this, a case of molestation was filed by Jasleen against Sarvjeet which
has already been proven wrong. Since, now it is known a false case was filed by Jasleen Kaur against
Sarvjeet Singh, I would like to know what actions have been taken against Jasleen Kaur for filing the
false case and implicating an innocent person. Also, she was rewarded Rs. 5000 of cash reward. Has it
been taken back or not? Since, she filed a wrong case and which has been verified by an eye-witness
also, why she has not been arrested so far? When she will be arrested and what more legal actions have
been planned to be taken against her so that it gives a message to public at large that any person
filing a false case won’t be spared.
Please reply asap.

May we request you all to please share this post as much as possible so as to form a pressure on Delhi Police to take a legal action against Jasleen Kaur.


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