Maggi Voted as India’s National Food.

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India has a national everything (almost!). National animal? Tiger. National sport? Hockey. National chatterbox? Modi. National brand? Patanjali. When it came to national food it was very hard to decide until the results of this survey kicked in.

This survey was taken all over the country including our islands! (Pretty sure you forget we have islands too.) It was taken through internet with high security of identity. One had to get Adhaar card scanned to vote. People, 14 years or above were allowed to vote. The voting was open for one full week and ended yesterday. The results came out today 4 PM. People were eagerly waiting for the result to come. 150 food options were selected for people to vote. Surprisingly 77% of the population eligible for voting voted out of which 33.3333% voted for Maggi. Masala Dosa came second with 21% votes.

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Maggi has been providing instant noodles in India since 1982. The brand is so iconic that Indians use instant noodles and Maggi as synonyms. Even after being banned due to claims of excess lead when Maggi came back in the market it was accepted in the same way as before though it had competition.


Maggi is originally a brand of Switzerland which was acquired by Nestle in 1947. Maggi was already a successful brand, especially in African countries when Nestle acquired it.

The news came as a bit disappointing and satisfactory. It was disappointing as Maggi is not originally an Indian food but it was satisfactory too because its actually adored by India and how warmly India welcomes other cultures in its own culture is wonderful.

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Maggi can be found in most houses in India. It is cheap, easily available, instant and easy to cook. It is a boon for the people who live alone. It serves great to the kids with full time working parents. People have even opened shops that make Maggi and are earning profits because of it. Maggi has become the heartbeat of the country.


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