Mamata Banerjee To Hire Karan Johar For Directing Her Next Dharna

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In his address to the nation on Nov. 7th, PM Modi took a historic decision of scraping off the old currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000. Subsequently, somewhere in Kolkata, this decision of demonetization failed to impress the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.


Without any second thought, Mamata Banerjee decided to take PM Modi head-on. What then followed was a series of verbal attacks from Mamata Banerjee, accusing government on a daily basis.


Many political parties across the country went haphazard over this decision. Realizing the fact that she was not gaining enough momentum, a close aide of Mamata Banerjee advised her to modify her way of protest. She also sought the support of all the opposition parties in order to overturn this decision.


Leaving her office vacant for months, Mamata Banerjee toured parts of West Bengal and as well as Delhi in order to gather support. The Chief Minister of West Bengal had failed despite her constant protest. Mamata Banerjee towards the end seemed to have lost the plot. But she hopes to rise again.


In an interesting turn of events, Mamata Banerjee is looking to hire Karan Johar to direct her lost plot in this entire episode of failed protests.


Her upcoming attack on the government is not on demonetization but against the arrest of party MP in Rose Valley chit scam. Trinamool Congress will launch protests and dharnas all the over the State and in Delhi, under Dharma Productions.


The Chief Minister of West Bengal has promised full entertainment during the protests. She has assured the presence of famous Bollywood stars. Also, the protests and dharnas in Delhi will be hosted exclusively by evergreen Jodi of SRK and Karan Johar. Mamata Banerjee is expected to make constant appearances during the act, as well.


Karan Johar has approached his other star friends for a guest appearance. He has also sought help from international technicians. Karan is sad that he will not be shooting in any foreign location. Also, Babul Supriyo will be singing the protest anthem. We are not quite sure if he would create the same magic as he used to do earlier.


Mamata Banerjee has already begun to gather a large number of crowd. But the crowd is least bothered about the issue. They will be hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite Bollywood stars. The public has huge expectations from the upcoming series of scripted protests. We hope this duo of Mamata Banerjee and Karan Johar turns out to be one of the epic blockbusters of recent times.


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