Microsoft Wanted to Buy Facebook Along with Mark Zuckerberg. Here is Why?

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Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer revealed in a recent interview that he offered Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg that he was interested in buying it for $24 billion. He also admitted that the underlying intention behind this was to find a way to “own” Zuckerberg.

It has come to the light of the media that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, married to Connie Synder, has a daughter apart from their three sons, Sam, Peter and Aaron.

This daughter has been taken care of by Steve Ballmer himself and has been hidden from the public as she is not his legitimate child.

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Wife Connie was also in for a shocking surprise when this was revealed recently because of an interview.

Steve Ballmer’s daughter was supposedly in love with Mark Zuckerberg. She too was a student at Harvard but passed out of the university unnoticed by Mark.

A movie itself was made on the struggles and achievement of Mark Zuckerberg where we are made aware of his love life.

He is now happily married to Priscilla Chan and is enjoying his life being the fifth richest person in the world with a net worth of $56.6 billion.

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Ballmer tried to buy Facebook in order to get Mark to do according to his bidding.  Ballmer’s daughter is said to still be in love with Zuckerberg which led to her father taking this step.

Ballmer confessed into subtly even asking Zuckerberg to leave his wife for his daughter.

Needless to say that Mark Zuckerberg disagreed and rejected the whole offer as he knows it would be foolish of him to let go of his brainchild and his hot, Asian wife.

Ballmer respects his decision and understands that kidnapping cannot take place and nor can he force anybody to do anything against their will.

Mark Zuckerberg is glad Steve Ballmer is off his back and is allowing him to lead a life of normalcy with his wife and his big bank balance.

He expects no further disturbance from either Ballmer of Microsoft.

Steve Ballmer’s daughter too, is trying to move on with her life by concentrating on her work rather than on Mark Zuckerberg.


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