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Trump: Hello from the other side!

American citizens: What have we done?

Let’s face it, the most powerful country faced the most comical year. Everyone prayed, it should not be TRUMP. Let’s call it their fortune that didn’t work.

Blacks/Mexicans/Indians/Pakistanis: Runnnn!


The black moon is over America but BOOM Trump cannot do what he actually thought he could.

Irony? Right?

Blacks? Pakistanis? All? Everyone is welcomed! Everyone can stay!

The Trump Card is failing? The Trump statistics proving to be a failure? No one can predict. He has been unpredictable. The BALD eagle eating his own eggs is planning something big!

Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters in America. The Cry Baby is trying his level best to conquer America but is not succeeding. This crack in his butt has made him a much more of a cry baby. Mocked it on America!

Mocked it on WHITE HOUSE!


Eventually the most comical, ironical, historical elections of all! America slayed it! It’s time for Americans to get turned up and lock their seat belts and wait for the tables to turn around. Rest in peace the democracy!


Above Post has been submitted by Shreya Malhotra.


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