Modi Sarkar’s 2015-16 Ghanta Budget Gives Baba Ji Ka Thullu to Middle Class

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Modi Sarkar’s finance minister Arun Jaitley presented the union budget for 2015-16. However, looking at the fine prints, it has been termed as Ghanta-Budget (#घंटाबजट) as it gives nothing but “baba ji ka thullu” for the middle class. As soon as the budget was presented, financial experts and analysts started decoding it for the general public. On decoding, what has been found is depicted via the below tweet for the better understanding;

Another tweet summaries everything from the union budget and clarifies why it is a ghanta-budget. As service tax has been hiked, which leads to almost everything getting costlier.  

While the whole country is fighting the dreaded swine-flu which claims to have taken hundreds of lives, on the other hand, Modi sarkar’s budget has reduced the budget allocation for health sector. Show the homework that has been done – #घंटाबजट.

Not everyone has lost in this budget, there are few who have benefited like they have never been before. Who are those?




Meanwhile, the difference between a “Mufflerman” and a “Jumla-man” can be summarized via the below pic;


Modi Sarkar’s Ghanta-Budget – Funny Memes & Toons

Below funny pics and memes define the union budget 2015-16 in a better and much funnier way. Modi posing as giving Baba Ji Ka Thullu to middle class and poor people of india while Ambanis-Adanis feels the most happy ones.











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